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Where are the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines available and how are they used?

The Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) can be found in 40 CFR Part 247.  CPG are part of EPA's continuing effort to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste.  Buying recycled helps to ensure that the materials collected through recycling programs will be used again in the manufacture of new products.  While the main focus of the CPG program is to promote the purchase of materials with recycled content by government agencies, private individuals and businesses may also utilize CPG resources.  For instance, the CPG program has listings for materials with recycled-content levels and also provides a list of manufacturers and suppliers from whom they are available.

The CPG program is authorized by Congress under Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Executive Order 13101.  EPA is required to designate products that are or can be made with recovered materials, and to recommend practices for buying these products.  Once a product is designated, procuring agencies are required to purchase it with the highest recovered material content level practicable.

The CPG is applicable to all procuring agencies and to all procurement actions involving items designated by EPA, where the procuring agency purchases 10,000 or more worth of one of these items during the course of a fiscal year, or where the cost of such items or of functionally equivalent items purchased during the preceding fiscal year was 10,000 or more.  A procuring agency means any Federal agency, or any State agency or agency of a political subdivision of a State, which is using appropriated Federal funds for such procurement or any person contracting with any such agency with respect to work performed under such contract.  For example:  If a county agency spends more than 10,000 a year on carpet, and part of that money is from appropriated federal funds, then the agency must purchase carpet made from recovered materials.

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