Frequent Questions

Are there any post-closure care requirements for Subtitle D facilities?

Following closure of each MSWLF unit, the owner or operator must conduct post-closure care.  Post-closure care must be conducted for 30 years, unless changed by the State Director.

Requirements for post-closure care include:  maintaining effectiveness of final cover, maintaining and operating the leachate collection system, monitoring the groundwater, and maintaining and operating the gas monitoring system.

MSWLF owners/operators must prepare a written post-closure plan and notify the State Director that a post-closure plan has been prepared.  Following the completion of the post-closure care period, the owner/operator must notify the State Director and verify that post-closure has been completed in accordance with the plan.

Many states are authorized to implement the federal regulations.  Contact your 
implementing agency for further questions. 

References:  40 CFR Section 258.61(a)(1)-(4)
40 CFR Section 258.61(c)-(e)

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