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Which consumer products/household items and/or industrial equipment contain mercury?

Mercury is found in various consumer products as well as in industrial equipment. Examples of these are listed below. Note: this list is not complete and not all product brand names or types contain mercury. For additional product information, see the Mercury-Added in Products Database.  See also

Consumer Products/Household Items
 In your kitchen: 
Thermometers Cleaners and degreasers, 
Chest freezer lids, 
Air flow/fan limit control, 
Microwave ovens, 
Pilot light sensors in gas-fired appliances. 

In your bathroom: 
Body temperature thermometers, 
Clerget sugar test thermometers, 
Skin cream, 
Contact lens solution, 
Early pregnancy tests, 
Merbromin/water solution, 
Nasal spray.
In your home: 
Thermostat probes, 
Thermostat probes in gas appliances, 
Lamps: (Fluorescent, Germicidal, High-intensity discharge, Ultraviolet), 
Light bulbs, 
Heating and cooling system, 
DC watt hour meters (Duncan), 
Clock pendulums, 
Clothing irons, 
Washing machine power shut-off, 
Float control - septic tanks, 
Paint: latex (pre 1991), 
Pesticides (pre 1994), 
Home security systems, 
Light switches, 
Sump pumps. 

In your home office:
 Batteries (non-medical use), 
Computer monitors, 
Devices utilizing a printed wire board (e.g., laptop computers), 
Laptop computer screen shutoff.
In your room: 
Children's' light-up shoes, 
Silent light switches, 
Temperature control, 

In your sports equipment: 
Archery bows, 
Fishing tackle, 
Fishing tip-up light.
In your vehicle: 
Acceleration sensors for air bags and seatbelts, 
Car switches, 
Tilt switches, 
Heated car rear windows, 
School bus braking systems. 

Commercial Products 

Type of Industry:
Antibiotics, Batteries (Medical use),Alarms, Blood Analyzers, Defibrillators, Hearing Aids, Meters, Monitors, Pacemakers, Pumps, Scales, Telemetry transmitters, Ultrasound, Ventilators, Blood gas analyzer reference electrode, Electron Microscope, Gastrointestinal Tubes: (Cantor tubes, Esophageal tubes, Feeding tubes, Miller Abbott tubes), Vaccines (hemophilus, hepatitis, rabies, tetanus, influenza, diphtheria, pertussis), & Dental Amalgam.
 Tilt switches, Air flow/fan limit control, Building security systems, Chest freezer lids, Fire alarm box switches, Laptop computer screen shutoff, Pressure control, Silent light switches, Temperature control (Incubator/water bath thermometers, Maximum/minimum thermometers, National Institute of Standards and Technology calibration thermometers, Tapered bulb thermometers), Devices utilizing a printed wire board (e.g., laptop computers), Energy Production (coal-fired), Flow meters, Generators, Sequential Multi-Channel Autoanalyzer, Speedometer Systems, Sphygmomanometers, Pressure Gauges ( Barometers, Manometers, Vacuum gauges) Reed relays, Plunger or displacement relays, DC watt hour meters (Duncan), Computer monitors, Lead Analyzer electrode, & Cathode-ray oscilloscope.
Ohlamacher, Camco, Immu-sal, Phenolic mercury, Carbol-fuchin stain, Mercurochrome, Phenylmercuric Acetate, Carnoy-Lebrun, Mercury (II) chloride, Shardin, Cesium Internal Standard, Mercury (II) oxide, Stabilur® Tablets, Channing's solution, Mercury chloride, Takata's reagent, Golgi's, Mercury iodine, Thimerosal™, Gomori's, Mercury nitrate, Zenker's solution Hitachi® Chem Analyzer reagent, & Coatings. 

Acetic Acid, Ammonium reagent/Stone analysis kit, Antibody test kits, Antigens, Antiserums, Buffers, Calibration kits, Calibrators, Chloride, Diluents, Enzyme Immunoassay test kits, Enzyme tracers, Ethanol, Extraction enzymes, Fixatives, Hematology reagents, Hormones, Immunoelectrophoresis reagents, Immunofixationphoresis reagents: Immu-sal, Liquid substrate con, Negative control kits, Phenobarbital reagent, Phenytoin reagent, Positive control kits, Potassium hydroxide, Rabbit serum, Shigella bacteria, Sodium hypochlorite, Stains, Standards, Sulfuric acid, Thimerosal™, Tracer kits, Urine analysis reagents, Wash solutions; Acetate, Gram iodine stain, Million's reagent, Alum, Helly, Mucolexx™, B5 Fixative, & Nesser's solution. 

Rubber flooring in gymnasiums (1970s).

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