Frequent Questions

Where can the public access facility specific, hazardous waste management data?

EPA maintains hazardous waste management data in RCRAInfo, a comprehensive information system for RCRA hazardous waste data.  The public and regulated community cannot directly access RCRAInfo.  Instead, EPA periodically uploads specific hazardous waste management data from RCRAInfo into the Envirofacts Data Warehouse.  The Envirofacts Web site provides access to several EPA databases, which provide information about environmental activities anywhere in the country.

The Envirofacts Data Warehouse is available at the following URL:

 Hazardous Waste Query Form allows users to retrieve selected facility specific data from RCRAInfo.  In addition, the Biennial Report (BR) Query Form allows users to retrieve hazardous waste management data submitted to EPA in Biennial Report submissions.  Both queries enable a user to specify a facility using any combination of the facility name, geographic location, and/or standard industrial classification code.  Additional facility specific data, beyond what is accessible in Envirofacts, is available by contacting the state implementing agency. 

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