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How do I dispose of something that has mercury in it (a thermostat, thermometer, an old toy, light bulb, etc.)?

If you have a household waste for disposal that you know or suspect may contain hazardous substances, those products should be secured and held for a hazardous waste collection day. Opportunities for the safe disposal of mercury may vary depending on where you live. For additional state information, go to Earth911 Exit EPA enter your zip code in the upper left, then click on "household hazardous waste" in the left column. Select "mercury containing items" from the list and find the closest collection opportunity. 

If you must wait for a hazardous waste collection day, store products safely in their original containers with the labels intact, and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Contact local officials to find out when and where a collection will be held in your area. Numerous localities have household hazardous waste collection facilities, or conduct hazardous waste collection efforts.
More information on household hazardous wastes may be found at: Household Hazardous Waste.  See also Mercury Spills, Site Cleanup and Disposal.

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