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What will facilities have to do to comply with the Hazardous Waste Combustion Emission Standards Rule, and when will they have to do it?

The incinerators, cement kilns, and lightweight aggregate kilns covered by this rule each have a set of technology-based emission standards that they will have to meet. The Clean Air Act gives them 3 years to implement any facility changes needed to come into compliance. A one-year extension can be granted in appropriate cases. Grounds for the extension can include the need for an extra year to effectuate a waste minimization plan. 

Although the rule is based on what various air pollution control technologies can achieve, the rule does not mandate that a specific device or procedure be used. That is left to the individual facility to determine, based on its own design and operating characteristics. However, we generally expect that the emission limits set in the rule will require upgrades at a significant number of facilities. That is what is expected under the Clean Air Act provisions governing hazardous air pollutants, and what is likely to happen during implementation of this rule. These are the majority of costs that we have estimated that are associated with this rule.

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