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What were the estimated monetized benefits associated with the October 2005 Final Hazardous Waste Combustor MACT Rule?

Monetized human health and visibility benefits were estimated to range from $5.61 million per year to $6.31 million per year, depending on the discount factor applied for mortality benefits. It is important to emphasize that monetized benefits represented only a portion of the total benefits potentially associated with this rule because we were not able to monetize a large portion of benefits. Specifically, ecological benefits, and human health benefits associated with reductions in mercury, and lead, were not quantified or monetized. In some locations these benefits may be significant. Visibility benefits were also expected. We did not expect the final standards to result in significant waste minimization in the short run. However, we found that more substantial waste minimization may occur in the long run as facilities design and/or adopt new production technologies.

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