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If the individuals working at a hazardous waste management facility have cell phones, is a permanent land phone line required?

Limited federal clarification on this requirement can be found in the Permit Applicants' Guidance Manual for the General Facility Standards of 40 CFR 264 (PB87-151 064), which states:

"Should an emergency situation arise, the [hazardous waste management] HWM facility will need some means of summoning assistance from local police departments, fire departments, and State and local emergency response teams. Both a telephone and a hand-held two-way radio are acceptable communication devices. Such devices must be immediately available at the scene of operations."

The full document is available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). NTIS can be reached at 800-553-6847, or at the following URL:

Since most States are authorized to implement the Federal regulations, you should contact your state environmental agency for guidance on your specific circumstances. State Web sites are located at the following URL:

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