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If MACT standards are supposed to be based on the maximum achievable control technology, why then did EPA do a risk assessment for the Hazardous Waste Combustion Emission Standards Rule?

Hazardous waste incinerators and industrial furnaces that burn hazardous waste as a fuel are subject to RCRA regulation under RCRA section 3004(a) and 3004(q), which require that management standards for these sources be protective of human health and the environment. EPA performed a national risk assessment to meet its obligations under RCRA. Based on the risk assessment, EPA concludes that the MACT standards are generally protective of human health and the environment and that additional RCRA standards are not needed. However, the MACT standards are based solely on the factors laid out in section 112 of the CAA. EPA did not use the risk assessment to set the level of the MACT standards.

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