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After I demonstrate compliance with the Phase 1 HWC NESHAP, what should my permitting authority incorporate into my CAA Title 5 operating permit?

Your permitting authority will incorporate your Phase 1 HWC MACT standards, monitoring requirements and operating parameter limits into your Title 5 permit. These standards, requirements and parameter limits are the same as those specified in your initial Notification of Compliance. 40 CFR §§63.1206(c)(1)(v), 70.6(a)(1) and 71.6(a)(1) require that they be included in your Title 5 operating permit.
For more information, see "2. What Is the Relationship Between the Notification of Compliance and the Title 5 Permit?" in the preamble to the final rule at 64 FR 52977, September 30, 1999 and the NOC/Title 5 Interface Fact Sheet   (PDF, 324 KB).

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