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In addition to the manifest, what changes can be expected with the new Hazardous Waste Manifest System regulations?

The Modification of the Hazardous Waste Manifest System Final Rule, published March 4, 2005, and effective September 5, 2006, modifies 40 CFR §261.7 on the management of residues in empty containers (70 FR 10776, 10815).

This Federal Register, which deals primarily with modifications to the manifest system, also redefines bulk packaging to conform to DOT regulations. The 110 gallon threshold currently used in §261.7 was selected to conform to a 1982 DOT regulation that defined bulk packaging as packaging of 110 gallons or more. Thus, the current RCRA regulations established distinct "empty" container thresholds for bulk and non-bulk hazardous waste containers. However, DOT standards were revised in 1991 to harmonize them with international requirements, which distinguished bulk from non-bulk packagings at a threshold of 450 liters or 119 gallons. The final rule amends §261.7(b)(1)(iii)(A) and §261.7(b)(1)(iii)(B) by substituting the 119 gallon threshold for the 110 gallon threshold that appears in the existing regulations (70 FR 10776, 10790).

The March 4, 2005, Federal Register is available at the following URL:

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