Frequent Questions

Can I typeset the manifest registry form after I am approved to print the manifest?

Typesetting the form subsequent to approval under section 262.21(e) is strongly discouraged. As provided by section 262.21(i), if, subsequent to its approval under section 262.21(e), a registrant typesets its manifest and continuation sheet instead of using the electronic file of the form samples approved by EPA, it must submit a sample of the manifest and continuation sheet to the Registry for approval. EPA recognizes that most registrants that get approved will print one or more batches of forms for use or sale. After the print jobs are done, the printer will destroy or recycle the printing plate and move on to the next print job. When it wishes to print more manifests, the printer will need to create a new printing plate.

We are not requiring the registrant to resubmit a sample of its approved manifests each time it develops a new printing plate. After it is approved under section 262.21(e), we fully expect it to save the electronic file of its approved samples in its computer system to recreate its printing plate when needed.

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