Frequent Questions

When is it appropriate to use the streamlined permit procedure?

The regulations provide for using the streamlined permit modification procedure only for those changes necessary to comply with the MACT standards (Appendix I to 270.42 section L.9). The streamlined procedure is not available for general retrofitting changes beyond those needed for compliance with the MACT standards. We recognize, however, that the examples we provided in the preamble to the Fast Track rule may mislead people into thinking those are the only types of changes allowed under this procedure. The examples we described focused on modifications to air pollution control equipment and certain operating parameters (see 63 FR 33803, June 19, 1998). Those examples are not all-inclusive. As long as you can explain how a change contributes to the unit's ability to meet one or more of the MACT standards, you can use the streamlined procedures.
If it is unclear whether a particular type of change qualifies for the streamlined procedures, you should discuss your plans with your permit writer.
For more information regarding the streamlined permit modification procedure, see the RCRA Streamlined Permit Modification Fact Sheet (PDF, 368 KB).

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