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Do I send my request for a RCRA streamlined permit modification to my state regulatory agency or to EPA?

This depends on whether your facility is located in a state authorized to administer the RCRA program in lieu of EPA's for the type of combustion unit at your facility. If your state is authorized to regulate the combustion unit at your facility, you should submit your streamlined permit modification request to your state RCRA permitting authority. Otherwise, you must submit your request to your EPA regional office. In any event, it is always wise to confer with your regulatory authority (EPA region or state) before submitting any permit modification request in order to verify the correct procedures and contacts for your request. It is useful to note that for some facilities, the EPA regional office may be administering the RCRA permit instead of the authorized state. This situation may exist for facilities that were issued their RCRA permits by EPA before their state became authorized. These facilities should submit their modification requests to their EPA regional office.

For further information see "12. State Authorization" in the preamble to the final rule at 64 FR 52991, September 30, 1999. See also the RCRA State Authorization for the Phase 1 HWC NESHAP (PDF, 357 KB) and the RCRA Streamlined Permit Modification (PDF, 368 KB) fact sheets in this toolkit.

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