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Do hazardous waste recycling units need to comply with the air emission requirements in Parts 264/265, Subpart AA, BB, and CC?

Recycling units are typically exempt from RCRA regulation, however recycling units are subject to air emission standards if located at a permitted or interim status treatment, storage, or disposal facility (TSDF) (§261.6(d)).   Owners and operators of recycling units located at permitted or interim status TSDFs must comply with Part 264/265, Subparts AA and BB regulations (62 FR 64635, 64638; December 8, 1997).  Subpart CC air emission standards do not apply to recycling units.

Additional guidance regarding the applicability of air emission standards to recycling units is available in the following document:

Monthly Call Center Report Question; June 2000 (RCRA Online 14461) [PDF 10K]

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