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What has the Agency accomplished since the Waste Minimization National Plan was published in November, 1994?

EPA has made progress in several areas relating specifically to commitments stated in WMNP. 

In November, 1998, EPA proposed for public comment a list of 53 PBT chemicals found in RCRA hazardous wastes. EPA is reviewing comments regarding the methodology used to develop the chemicals on the list. EPA will publish a revised list in the fall of 1999. 

EPA included in the "Fast Track" combustion rule (promulgated in June 1998) several incentives for companies that combust hazardous wastes, including PBT wastes, to reduce the generation of those wastes using waste minimization and pollution prevention measures. 

EPA awarded three grants to State and Regional Offices for the purpose of targeting reduction of metal bearing wastes in particular industries. 

EPA awarded a grant to the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) to assist in the organization of multiple PBT implementation workshops across the country. NPPR's strong State membership will provide important opportunities for working with industry to reduce PBT waste generation.

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