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What does EPA recommend as the best way to address Vapor Intrusion for Environmental Indicator (EI) determinations?

EPA recommends that its November 2002 Draft Guidance for Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air Pathway from Groundwater and Soils be used to assess this pathway for the purpose of making RCRA Environmental Indicator (EI) determinations. Specifically, this would involve the use of the preliminary screening criteria in Tiers 1 and 2, and, if necessary, Tier 3 site-specific modeling for EI determinations. If scientific, site-specific models (such as the Johnson & Ettinger (1991) model spreadsheets found on the Superfund Program's website( or other appropriate models) do not indicate that the site has a potential to cause exposures above the applicable EI criteria (using site-appropriate input parameters), then this pathway should be considered to have been adequately screened for EI exposure assessment purposes. In such cases, we do not believe that confirmatory sampling will be necessary, for the purpose of making an EI determination.
If Tier 3 models indicate a potential for exposure at levels above the applicable criteria, additional data gathering (e.g., sub-slab sampling or indoor air monitoring) or remediation may be needed to meet the human health environmental indicator.

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