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Mercury is listed as an analyte in both Draft Update IVA Method 3015A and Method 3051A. Can digests from those two methods be used directly on an automated mercury analyzer without any further sample treatment (elimination of the aqua-regia and permangana

Sec. 1.1 of Method 3015A (PDF, 25 pp, 173K) lists mercury, as does Sec. 1.1 of Method 3051A (PDF, 30 pp, 277K) and Sec. 1.1 of Method 3052 (PDF, 20 pp, 150K).  Samples containing mercury may be digested using the conditions described in these methods. Data from validation of the microwave procedures may be found in the methods as well as the references listed below. 

Kingston, H. M. Skip, Walter, P. J., Chalk, Stuart, Lorentzen, Elke, Link, Dirk, "Environmental Microwave Sample Preparation: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications," Chapter 3, in Microwave Enhanced Chemistry: Fundamentals, Sample Preparation, and Applications, ACS Professional Reference Book Series, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1997. 

Link, Dirk D., Peter J. Walter, and H. M. Skip Kingston, "Development and Validation of the New EPA Microwave-Assisted Leach Method 3051A," Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 32, p. 3628-3632, 1998.
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