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May a treatment, storage, or disposal facility (TSDF) accept a hazardous waste shipment on behalf of another TSDF?

A generator of hazardous waste must designate on the manifest one facility that is permitted to handle the waste described on the manifest, commonly called a "designated facility". A generator may also designate on the manifest one alternate facility that is permitted to handle his waste in the event an emergency prevents delivery of the waste to the primary designated facility (40 CFR §262.20).

There are no regulations preventing the TSDF from sending the waste to a different TSDF after they initially accept it. A TSDF that sends waste off site must comply with the generator manifest requirements in 40 CFR Part 262 (§§264/265.71(c)). A TSDF that is sending waste to a facility that is on the same or contiguous property may be able to take advantage of the manifest exemption (§262.20(f)).
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