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What process residuals are excluded from the definition of debris?

The definition of debris explicitly excludes process residuals (see 40 CFR 268.2(g)). Process residuals such as smelter slag and residues from the treatment of waste (e.g., incinerator ash), wastewater, sludges, or air emissions residues (e.g., collected particulate matter) are not debris. EPA believes that debris should be limited to manufactured objects (e.g., metal, glass) and naturally occurring objects (e.g., boulders, tree stumps). The Agency developed the treatment standards generally to ensure effective treatment of hazardous waste contaminating an object, rather than effective treatment of a large particle size hazardous waste such as slag (57 FR 37194, 37224; August 18, 1992). 

The August 18, 1992, Federal Register is available at the following URL:

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