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Where can I find recycling educational materials for schools?

To find materials that can help your students learn about recycling, visit There, you’ll find a collection of great resources designed for students of different ages and their teachers. Many of these resources are available in both English and Spanish.

For students in grades K-5, try the popular Planet Protectors Club games and activities. These resources teach kids to generate less trash while helping others learn the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

For students in grades 6-8, take a look at the Make a Difference Campaign, a collection of educational materials designed to educate and engage students in resource conservation and environmental protection. Another great educational tool for middle school students is Recycle City, an interactive website that allows students to explore how the residents of a make-believe town reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste. Recycle City includes an animated game that gives students the opportunity to decide how to clean up a littered, polluted city called Dumptown.

For teens, grades 9-12, explore the Your Environment. Your Choice. website. This site helps students develop a better understanding of waste issues, change their habits, and become environmental stewards.

For additional teacher resources, visit

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