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How is EPA setting priorities for promoting waste minimization?

In discussions with many stakeholders during the development of the WMNP, a clear consensus formed around setting priorities on the most persistent, bioaccumulative, and persistent (PBT) chemicals found in RCRA hazardous waste. Stakeholders reached a consensus that a 50% reduction of PBT constituents in hazardous waste could be achieved by the year 2005. 

In November, 1998, EPA proposed for public comment a list of 53 PBT chemicals found in RCRA hazardous wastes. EPA is reviewing comments regarding the methodology used to develop the chemicals on the list. EPA will publish a revised list in the fall of 1999. 

EPA will use this list as a gauge for measuring progress toward achieving the national PBT reduction goals -10% reduction in PBT generation by the year 2000 and a 50% reduction by the year 2005. EPA will track progress and publish periodic progress reports using the Toxics Reporting Inventory (TRI) annual reports.

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