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On April 17, 2015, EPA published a final rule to address the risks from the disposal of coal combustion residuals (CCRs), commonly known as coal ash, generated by electric utilities and independent power producers (80 FR 21302). What are the highlights of

The final coal ash rule provides a comprehensive set of requirements for the safe disposal of CCRs from coal-fired power plants. The final rule is the culmination of extensive study on the effects of coal ash on the environment and public health. The rule establishes technical requirements for CCR landfills and surface impoundments under Subtitle D of RCRA. The final rule makes a number of changes from the proposal including providing greater clarity on technical requirements in response to questions received during the comment period.

These regulations address the risks from coal ash disposal -- leaking of contaminants into ground water, blowing of contaminants into the air as dust, and the catastrophic failure of coal ash surface impoundments. Additionally, the rule sets out recordkeeping and reporting requirements as well as the requirement for each facility to establish and post specific information to a publicly-accessible website. This final rule also supports the responsible recycling of CCRs by distinguishing safe, beneficial use from disposal.

Additional information about the final coal ash rule and the recycling and disposal of coal ash in general is available at the following URL:

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