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How can I use compost as a remediation tool? Where can I find information about composting as a form of treatment of waste?

Composting organic wastes after they are transported to a centralized municipal composting facility is a waste management activity characteristic of recycling.  Composting organic waste at the point of generation such as in a yard of a home is a form of source reduction, since no formal waste management activity occurs.

Although the federal regulations do not specifically address composting facilities, many individual state or county agencies have established permitting procedures to operate centralized solid waste composting facilities. 

An Analysis of Composting as an Environmental Remediation Technology  summarizes the available information on the use of compost for managing hazardous waste streams and for remediating soil contaminated with toxic organic and inorganic compounds.

EPA's composting web site provides several publications regarding composting and useful links associated with composting.

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