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Is using manure on crops as a fertilizer an activity considered disposal of a hazardous waste and therefore subject to RCRA?

Agricultural wastes, including manures and crop residues, returned to the soil as fertilizers or soil conditioners are excluded from regulation as hazardous waste (40 CFR §261.4(b)(2)) (45 FR 33066, 33099; May 19, 1980 (OSW-FR-80-011)). 

This Federal Register is available at the following URL:

Additional guidance regarding the agricultural waste exclusion is available in the following guidance document:
Memo, Unknown to Connors; August 19, 1980 (RCRA Online #12002

This memo is available in the RCRA Online Database at the following URL:

Since most states are authorized to implement the Federal regulations, you should contact your state environmental agency for guidance on fertilizer requirements. 

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