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Do the Part 279 standards for used oil generators apply to farmers?

Farmers that generate an average of twenty-five gallons or less of used oil per month from vehicles or machinery used on the farm in a calendar year are exempt from the used oil generator standards (§279.20(a)(4)). The exemption was established due to the similarities between small farms and households, whose solid waste management is unregulated by RCRA. For example, households and small farms typically have the same number of vehicles owned for personal use that require oil changes and both have residences on site that generate used oil and other exempt household wastes. In addition, EPA recognized that many family farms and small farming operations are not readily accessible to used oil collection centers. Therefore, EPA believes that farms who generate on an average twenty-five gallons of oil per month of used oil in a calendar year should be exempted from regulation (57 FR 41566, 41588; September 10, 1992). 

Additional information regarding the used oil regulations and the Federal Register cited above is available at the following URL:

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