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What is the definition of ?closed? for the purposes of complying with 40 CFR §265.173(a)?


While EPA has not provided a definition of "closed" for the purpose of compliance with §265.173(a), the Agency has provided guidance on proper techniques for container closure.  This guidance is available in the following memorandum:

Memo, Dellinger to Regions; December 3, 2009 (RCRA Online #14810)

In addition, EPA did propose a definition of "closed container" for the proposed management standards for solvent-contaminated industrial wipes. The proposed definition states that these containers must have a lid that screws on to the top, and generators must seal the lid for the containers to be considered closed (68 FR 65586, 65597; November 20, 2003).

The November 20, 2003, Federal Register is available at the following URL:


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