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If one of the facilities has extra container storage space during one month, can it accept hazardous waste from one of the corporation's other facilities before shipping all of the waste to a permitted TSDF?

A generator cannot accept a shipment of hazardous waste from another company location, unless the receiving generator is a designated facility. A designated facility is defined as any hazardous waste TSDF which has received a permit or interim status or a recycling facility that is regulated under Section 261.6(c)(2) or Part 266, Subpart F (Section 260.10). A generator that is subject to the requirements in Part 262 must prepare a hazardous waste manifest for any off-site shipment of hazardous waste. On that manifest, the generator must designate a facility that is permitted to handle its hazardous waste (Section 262.20(b)). Thus, once a generator sends hazardous waste off site, it must be destined for a designated facility. In this example, the generator cannot accept additional hazardous waste from off site because it does not meet the definition of designated facility.

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