Frequent Questions

If I have a change in the operations at my hazardous waste facility, who must I notify?

Generally, your state regulatory authority must be informed about changes in the operation of your hazardous waste facility.

If your facility is a generator, transporter, or treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF) and you need to make changes to information previously submitted on an 8700-12 form, you should review the information on submission of a subsequent form and contact your state's implementing agency. Subsequent submission information is available in the forms and instructions for the 8700-12 form, available at the following URL:

If your facility is a TSDF and you need to make changes to information previously submitted in a permit application, you should review the regulations on permit modifications and contact your state implementing agency. Permit modification regulations can be found in 40 CFR §270.41 Exit EPA.

If you facility is an interim status facility, please refer to §270.72 Exit EPA, "changes during interim status."

Please note that many types of facility changes require prior approval by the permitting authority; it's important to understand these requirements before making operational changes.  In all case, we recommend you contact the appropriate state agency  regarding any additional requirements that may apply.

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