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How does the Agency address Environmental Justice (EJ) in the Hazardous Waste Combustion Emission Standards Rule?

The Agency is studying how best to address environmental justice concerns throughout the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) and all Agency Offices. We have an ongoing Environmental Justice Task Force working on how best to develop and present comprehensive and fair analyses. 
Several Agency initiatives, including those undertaken as part of the Combustion Strategy, bear upon environmental justice issues. For example, the Agency is improving the public participation process for permitting treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. This will allow environmental justice issues to be raised earlier in the permitting process. A final rule addressing this concern was issued in February 1996. In addition to improvements in the permitting process, the Hazardous Waste Combustor MACT Rule establishes tough standards for all combustion facilities. These standards will be protective of the health of all peoples. 

We have completed a comprehensive environmental justice analysis in support of the Hazardous Waste Combustion MACT final rule. Our analysis indicates that these MACT standards will not have adverse environmental or health effects on minority and/or low-income populations. The rule is projected to result in positive impacts on these populations because it will reduce emissions from combustion facilities that may be located near minority and/or low-income population groups.

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