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How do I find the best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) document for the LDR treatment standards for a specific wastestream?

BDAT documents provide Agency rationale and technical support for the selection of constituents to be regulated in waste as well as for developing treatment standards for regulated constituents.  Additionally, it provides waste characterization data for determining whether treatment variances may be warranted.  Background information for P and U listed chemicals is also available in the original background document.

References:  40 CFR 261.33
Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste Under RCRA, Subtitle C, Section 3001 (NTIS PB89-126 460)
Treatment Technology Background Document  (PDF, 274 pp, 19MB - note very large file!) also, (NTIS PB91-160 556)
LDR Technical Background Documents and Docket Indices

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