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Can an EPA ID number be used to obtain additional information about a specific waste management facility? I have an EPA ID number for a facility that I think is shut down. Can I get more information on the facility with EPA ID number ORD088596192?

EPA lists hazardous waste handler and facility data set information on the Envirofacts web site.  Envirofacts is an EPA web site that provides the general public with a single point of access to data contained in EPA's databases.  Interested parties can search EPA databases online for information on facilities across the United States collected from regulatory programs, including RCRA, by utilizing the RCRAInfo query.

The RCRAInfo query can provide a wide range of information on treatment, storage, and disposal facilities regarding permit/closure status, compliance with Federal and State regulations, and cleanup activities.  The information includes the handler's name, address, region, a facility map, type of facility, as well as contact information.

References:  Envirofacts Data Warehouse
RCRAInfo Query

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