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Can a treatment storage or disposal facility (TSDF) return a shipment of hazardous waste back to the generator?

Yes, but only if the receiving facility, in this case the generator of the hazardous waste, is also a permitted designated facility.  

A TSDF that sends waste off-site must comply with the generator manifest requirements in 40 CFR Part 262.20 [see also §§264.71(c) and 265.71(c)].  This includes designating on the manifest one facility that is permitted to handle the hazardous waste (§262.20(b).  (Monthly Call Center Report Question; December 2003 (RCRA Online #14693).  A designated facility is defined as any hazardous waste TSDF that has received a permit or interim status or a recycling facility that is regulated under §261.6(c)(2) or Part 266, Subpart F (§260.10). 

Additional guidance regarding manifesting hazardous waste to a generator is available in the following document:

Monthly Call Center Report Question; October 1999 (RCRA Online #14408)

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