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Are cement kilns as tightly regulated as incinerators under the Hazardous Waste Combustion Emission Standards Rule?

Essentially yes. Cement kilns will be subject to the same set of Clean Air Act and RCRA regulations as incinerators. For dioxins and furans, mercury, and lead - high priority pollutants for EPA --the standards are virtually the same for cement kilns and incinerators.
It is important to note that this rule follows the standard-setting process laid out by Congress in the Clean Air Act. That statutory process, as applied to these hazardous waste combustors, does not result in exactly the same numerical standards for some pollutants. Thus, for example, the standards for total chlorine and particulate matter for cement kilns are higher than those for incinerators, while the low volatile metal standard for cement kilns is lower than the standard for incinerators.

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