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How does the rule specifically address problems associated with manifest variability?

First, the rule eliminates most sources of state-by-state variability in the contents (data fields) of the current RCRA manifest form, including the existing "state optional" boxes. The rule also eliminates the requirement to obtain state-specific manifest forms and instructions. With the exception of allowance for state-specific hazardous waste codes on the RCRA manifest form, which the states contend are essential to their continued use of the manifest to track the hazardous wastes that are regulated by states (but are not regulated by EPA), the form is now completely standardized by the final rule.

Second, the rule prescribes the use of new check boxes and data fields on the manifest form to improve tracking of several "problem" shipments (i.e., container residues, rejected wastes, and international waste shipments).

Third, the rule standardizes the current state-by-state varying waste "handling code" box on the manifest form, by replacing it with a "management method code" box which is also used for RCRA biennial reporting. The final rule's standardization of these codes around the codes used for RCRA biennial reporting will integrate manifest data collection with RCRA biennial reporting requirements as well as reduce the burden that results from implementing varying code systems.

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