Frequent Questions

Can my organization request two or more suffixes in our initial manifest registry application?

For several reasons, we discourage registrants from requesting more than one suffix in their initial application. We understand that some registrants intend to sell the manifest and may want to print suffixes desired by their customers (e.g., a customer’s abbreviated company name). We want to emphasize, however, that this is not the purpose of the suffix. The primary purpose ofthe unique suffix is to enable each registrant to print manifest tracking numbers (MTNs) that areunique to its organization. Another purpose is for EPA to identify the source of a manifest.

We also do not want to encourage registrants to obtain multiple suffixes because this wouldreduce the availability of suffixes for other registrants.

Finally, we believe that one suffix will provide a registrant with numbering capacity for many years. Section 262.21(f)(2) requires each registrant to print a unique MTN that consists of itsunique suffix following nine digits. This 12-character numbering scheme will enable a registrantto print up to a billion unique numbers.

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