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What dyes and pigments production wastes is EPA listing (or not listing) as hazardous wastes in the final rule, and how does this compare to what was included in the proposed rule?

The final rule, as under the proposed rule, lists nonwastewaters from the production of dyes and/or pigments as hazardous wastes. Waste that contains less than the specified threshold levels of constituents of concern are not hazardous (e.g., aniline levels below 9,300 kg/yr).
In addition, the final rule, as under the proposed rule, includes an exemption for waste sent for disposal in landfills that meet specific design standards. EPA did not include a listing limit for one of the eight proposed constituents of concern (toluene-2,4-diamine) because the available data, along with information provided by commenters, show that this constituent is rarely used and is highly unlikely to be present in these wastes. Furthermore, an exemption for waste treated in an approved combustion unit was also included in the final rule.
Waste that does not qualify for the above exemptions and that meets or exceeds the specified thresholds for any of the specific constituents of concern must be managed as listed hazardous waste K181. 

Finally, as under the proposed rule, this rule also makes a final determination not to list wastewaters from the production of dyes and/or pigments as hazardous.
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