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How are spent filters that have been used in reclaiming spent chlorofluorocarbon filters regulated?

Used chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants from totally enclosed heat transfer equipment, including mobile air conditioning systems, mobile refrigeration, and commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems that use chlorofluorocarbons as the heat transfer fluid in a refrigeration cycle, provided the refrigerant is reclaimed for further use are excluded from the definition of hazardous waste (40 CFR §261.4(b)(12)).  However, filters from the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant reclamation process do not qualify for the §261.4(b)(12) exclusion (Monthly Call Center Report Question; September 1992 (RCRA Online #13560)). If the filters exhibit the toxicity characteristic, they must be managed as a hazardous waste.  Any other residues generated by the reclamation process would also need to be evaluated for characteristics, either through testing or application of knowledge.

These memoranda are available in the at the RCRA Online database.

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