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Are clothing and gloves used as personal protective equipment (PPE) during hazardous waste management activities regulated as hazardous waste?

Personal protective equipment (PPE), including contaminated clothing and similar debris, are not solid wastes but may be regulated under the contained-in policy. Under the contained-in policy, the PPE contains hazardous waste if it exhibits a characteristic or contains listed hazardous waste. If contamination cannot be removed, PPE must be treated to land disposal restrictions (LDR) treatment standards prior to disposal (Memo, Lowrance to Fields; January 3, 1989 (RCRA Online #11387)). 

Additional guidance is available in the following documents: 
Memo, Bussard to Colby; July 27, 1997 (RCRA Online #14095
Memo, Lowrance to Ullrich; June 14, 1990 (RCRA Online #11524

These guidance documents are available at the RCRA Online database at the following URL:

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