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Why did EPA reinstate the Notice of Intent to Comply in the October 2005 Final Hazardous Waste Combustor MACT Rule?

All Phase II sources (boilers and hydrochloric acid production furnaces) are required to submit a notification of intent to comply (NIC). EPA also required Phase I sources (incinerators, cement kilns, and lightweight aggregate kilns) that need to make upgrades to comply with the final rule standards or that have not previously submitted a NIC to submit a NIC. The NIC serves as a compliance planning and communication tool. We anticipated that Phase I sources may need to conduct additional upgrades, or in some cases upgrade for the first time, to comply with the replacement standards. We found that re-instituting the NIC for these sources would provide the same planning and communication benefits during the compliance period for the replacement standards that it did for the original Phase I standards. In addition, we believed that the NIC provides the same benefits with respect to communication and compliance strategy planning for the Phase II sources that it has for Phase I sources.

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