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When multiple parties are involved in generating a hazardous waste, which party is considered the generator of the waste?

If more than one party plays a role in the generation of a hazardous waste at a site, the parties are “co-generators” and must decide between themselves who is to assume the generator responsibilities (Memo, Clay to Hekman; December 3, 1990 (RCRA Online #11571)). The generator requirements are satisfied if one of the parties assumes and performs the duties of the generator on behalf of both parties. Typically, these duties are assumed by the original generator who owns the site (Memo, Carra to McLean; May 3, 1989 (RCRA Online #13280)). 

The co-generator policy is a federal policy, so generators should contact their state hazardous waste agency to verify that the state implements the same or a similar policy with respect to co-generators (Memo, Shapiro to Warshaw; March 12, 1996 (RCRA Online #14027)).  State Web sites are available at the following URL:

Additional guidance on co-generators is available in the following documents:

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