Frequent Questions

When is corrective action complete?

Once a final remedy has been selected and constructed, it may take time for the remedy to run its course. A facility has fulfilled its corrective action obligations (i.e. corrective action is complete) when:

- Human health and the environment are protected
- Media (i.e. soil, air, groundwater, surface water) cleanup objectives have been met
- All sources of contaminant releases have been controlled

The official determination will explain whether or not completion of corrective action is contingent on certain engineering or institutional controls remaining in place. EPA encourages facility owners and local communities to put land back to productive use once corrective action is complete, but the new use must be consistent with the cleanup objectives met at that site. Please see the Guidance on the Completion of Corrective Action Activities at RCRA Facilities (PDF) [8 pp., 72 KB] for more information on how completion determinations are made. Please see the Land Revitalization website for more information on revitalizing formerly-contaminated land.
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