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What is the biennial report and who must submit it?

Pursuant to RCRA 3002(a)(6), Congress required EPA to develop a program for hazardous waste generators to report the nature, quantities, and disposition of hazardous waste generated. In addition, RCRA 3004 (a)(2) requires treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) to submit a report on the wastes that they receive from off-site. The Biennial Report compiles data collected about the generation, management, and final disposition of RCRA hazardous waste in the United States. TSDFs and large quantity generators are required to submit information on waste generation and management activities occurring in odd numbered years. The Biennial Report, EPA Form 8700-13A/B, must be submitted to the authorized state agency or the EPA Regional Office by March 1st of the following even numbered years (Parts 264/265.75) and 262.41). The report includes information such as the facility's EPA ID number, the name and address of the facility, the quantity of hazardous waste sent to each TSDF in the U.S. during the reporting period, and the manner in which the waste was treated.
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