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What form is required for the annual report for primary exporters of hazardous waste?

There is no Federal form that fulfills the 40 CFR §262.56 annual reporting requirement for primary exporters of hazardous waste. The reports should include:

- the EPA identification number, name, and mailing and site address of the exporter
- the calendar year covered by the report
- the name and site address of each consignee
- by consignee and for each hazardous waste exported, a description of the hazardous waste, the EPA hazardous waste number, DOT hazard class, name and US EPA ID number for each transporter used, the total amount of waste shipped, and number of shipments pursuant to each notification
- except for waste produced by a small quantity generator (SQG), a description of efforts undertaken to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste generated and a description in the changes in volume and toxicity of waste actually achieved during the year in comparison to previous years
- a certification signed by the primary exporter with the exact wording supplied in §262.56(a)(6). (§262.56(a))

The following memorandum provides additional clarification on the annual report requirements for primary exporters:

Monthly Call Center Report Question, Page 5; January 2005 (PDF, 10 pp, 116K)
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