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Under RCRA, are treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDF) required to maintain a list of emergency coordinators?

Each owner or operator of a TSDF is required to have a contingency plan for the facility (§264/265.51(a)) which lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons qualified to act as an emergency coordinator. If more than one person is listed, one must be named as the primary coordinator and the others must be listed in the order in which they will assume responsibility as alternates. Facility owners or operators must keep the list of emergency coordinators up to date (§264/265.52(d)). Changes in the name, address, or phone number of emergency coordinators are considered a Class 1 permit modification (§270.42, Appendix I). 

Additional guidance regarding emergency coordinators is available in the following documents: 

Memo, Denit to Citizen; October 7, 1993 (RCRA Online #11779
Memo, Lowrance to Regions; September 2, 1988 (RCRA Online #13221
Permit Policy Q&A Report Question; September 10, 1984 (RCRA Online #12301)
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