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The references to several of the solutions are very confusing in Method 6020. It appears the initial calibration verification (ICV) solution in Sec. 5.7 should be the solution referenced in Sec. 7.9. However, Sec. 7.9 refers to a calibration verification

You are correct, the text in Sec. 7.9 should refer to the ICV solution as being in Sec. 5.7, not Sec. 5.6. This is a simple typographical error, and since the name of the solution is also given in the text, it is reasonably clear what is really intended. 

Sec. 8.8.1 correctly refers to the ICV as being in Sec. 5.7. 

Sec. 8.8.2 is incorrect in two ways. First, it refers to the solution used to verify the calibration as the "instrument check standard." This reference could be seen as meaning the interference check standard. The problem is compounded by a bad citation for the verification standard, again to Sec. 5.6, which is the location of interference check standard. Clearly, what is intended in Sec. 8.8.2 is that the analyst use the initial calibration verification (ICV) solution to verify the calibration. 

Sec. 8.8.3 cites no section numbers, but refers to both the initial calibration verification solution and the instrument check standard. Clearly, the ICV is the solution in Sec. 5.7. However, in this case, the "instrument check standard" should be the interference check standard in Sec. 5.6. 

We had hoped that all of this was cleared up in the latest version of the method, 6020A, in Update IVA. By and large it is. However, there are still two errors in that version. Because the newest version of the method uses the EPA EMMC format, there are changes to section numbers in general. 

Sec. 11.6 of 6020A addresses the calibration verification. It refers to the calibration verification solution, but the citation is to Sec. 7.6, which is the interference check solution. (The old Sec 5.0 became Sec. 7.0 in the EMMC format and clearly, the bad citation to Sec. 5.6 was simply updated to 7.6, still in error). 

Secondly, the QC section is now Sec. 9.0, and Sec. 9.8.2 (analogous to the old 8.8.2) refers to the "instrument check standard" in Sec. 7.6. This is also a holdover from the bad terminology in the old Sec. 8.8.2. The solution used is the ICV, and is now in Sec. 7.7, not 7.6. 

The Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR)  will correct these errors in the next revision of Method 6020A (PDF, 30 pp, 250K)
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