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May a universal waste handler self-transport their waste to another facility owned by the same handler and accumulate the universal waste at the second facility for up to one year?

Universal waste handlers may self-transport universal waste to another facility, but only subject to the following conditions.

EPA prohibits a handler of universal waste from sending or taking universal waste to a place other than another universal waste handler, a destination facility, or a foreign destination (40 CFR §273.18(a), §273.38(a)). If a handler of universal waste self-transports universal waste off-site, the handler becomes a universal waste transporter for those transportation activities and must comply with the transporter requirements of Part 273, Subpart D, while transporting the universal waste (§273.18(b), §273.38(b)) (60 FR 25496, 25529; May 11, 1995). 

If universal waste is transferred and accumulated by multiple handlers, each individual handler may utilize the one-year accumulation provisions since each location at which universal wastes are consolidated and/or collected is regulated as a separate handler (Monthly Call Center Report Question; March 1998, RCRA Online #14179). 

The universal waste final rule (60 FR 25492, 25501; May 11, 1995) is available at the following URL:

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