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Is a wastewater clarifier considered a wastewater treatment unit (WWTU) under RCRA?

Generally, a wastewater clarifier would be considered a wastewater treatment units (WWTU) under RCRA, as long as the unit meets the WWTU definition in §260.10.
According to §260.10, a WWTU is a device that has a discharge subject to Clean Water Act (CWA) pretreatment standards or permitting requirements under CWA §§402 or 307(b), manages hazardous wastewater or hazardous wastewater treatment sludge, and meets the definition of tank or tank system in §260.10. EPA defines a tank as a stationary device, designed to contain an accumulation of hazardous waste that is constructed primarily of non-earthen materials (e.g., wood, concrete, steel, plastic) that provide structural support (40 CFR §260.10). 

Additional guidance regarding types of units that may meet the definition of WWTU is available in the following documents: 

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In addition, further guidance on the definition of tank is available in the following documents: 

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