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If electroplating wastewater is treated, rendered nonhazardous, and then stored, does sludge resulting from that nonhazardous wastewater storage carry an electroplating waste listing?

Treatment of any hazardous waste or nonhazardous electroplating wastewater within the scope of the F006 listing can generate listed F006 sludge.  That is, when the wastewater treatment sludge precipitates, whether in the treatment train or during storage, it meets the listing description for F006 regardless of its composition and constituent concentrations.(Memo, Lowrance to Greenburg; July 5, 1989 (RCRA Online #11439).

The following memoranda provide additional clarification on the management of electroplating wastewaters and the creation of F006 sludge:

Memo, Bussard to Pucci; August 18, 1998 (RCRA Online #14482)
Memo, Bussard to Weisjahn; July 21, 1994 (RCRA Online #11857)
Memo, Lowrance to Greenburg; October 27, 1988 (RCRA Online #11375)
Memo, Straus to Schiffman; July 28, 1987 (RCRA Online #11269)
Memo, Skinner to Scarbrough; July 25, 1984 (RCRA Online #12267)

These memoranda are available at:

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