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If a LQG or TSDF is subject to one of the one of the RCRA air emissions standards in 40 CFR Parts 264 and 265, Subparts AA, BB, and CC that apply to certain process vents, equipment, tanks, surface impoundments, and containers, do the other two subparts a

If one of the Subpart AA, BB, or CC requirements apply to a particular activity, this does not mean that the others automatically apply as well. The standards of each subpart apply only when the substantive applicability provisions of the specific subpart are met (61 FR 59932, 59934; November 25, 1996). Specifically, Subpart AA applies to process vents associated with distillation, fractionation, thin-film evaporation, solvent extraction, and air or steam stripping operations that manage hazardous wastes with organic concentrations of at least 10 parts per million by weight (Sections 264.1030(b) and 265.1030(b)). Subpart BB applies to equipment, as defined in Section 264.1031, that contains or contacts hazardous wastes with organic concentrations of at least 10 percent by weight (Sections 264.1050(b) and 265.1050(b)). Subpart CC applies to facilities that manage hazardous waste in containers, tanks, or surface impoundments subject to either Subparts I, J, or K, respectively, of Parts 264 or 265 (Sections 264.1080(a) and 265.1080(a)). Each subpart has its own specific applicability criteria that an owner and operator must evaluate to determine if it is applicable to a particular activity, as the three subparts operate independently of one another.

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